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Condo buying in Jacksonville FL

And they say it’s not easy to find that “match made in heaven.” Have you seen the choices out there for condo and townhome buyers?  It’s like the difference between buying off the rack and going with the tailor made suit.  There’s a perfect style, location, price point and choice of amenities in the condo market in Jacksonville so that a perfect match is not hard to find.  The range in prices is astounding, from around the $80K mark, which is attracting first time home buyers and young professionals, to the $400K+ luxury villas and townhomes, there’s something for everyone.

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Many Jacksonville condos or townhome buyers, from every social strata and background, have a few things in common. They want low (or no) maintenance, no lawn or landscaping chores to eat up the weekends, and no exterior maintenance. In short, less hassles, more living. If you’re in the market for a condo or townhome, you’ve come to the right place to start your search, and a Bloom Realty Advisor is ready to help.

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